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7 Steps to Shop for Rugs Online the Right Way – Amer Rugs

7 Steps to Shop for Rugs Online the Right Way – Amer Rugs

Just image a home with rugs and without rugs. You will definitely notice how a simple addition of a rug can bring traditional warmth as well as a visually enchanting feel.

Rugs aren’t just about décor, but these also serve functional purpose. These protect your flooring, keep your feet warm in winter, tie the room together, and much more.

When shopping for rug, you don’t have to visit far. You can shop for that from the comfort of your home. The online inventory will provide you with vast options, along with the comfort of shopping. It also cuts down on your travel cost.

However, there are certain things to keep in mind when shopping online for rugs so that you end up buying a quality, right and value for money piece with full satisfaction.

How to Buy Rugs Online? What Factors to Consider Shopping for Rugs Online?

A simple search online will throw results consisting of numerous retailers and rugs wholesalers in USA. This can feel overwhelming when you don’t have a clear idea. So, what to do? Read on below:

  1. Know the Purpose of Your Shopping

Are you buying for your home or commercial property? Do you want a single piece or many? If looking to buy handmade rugs, have you researched about different handmade genres (specific to country of make)? Having a clear understanding of the purpose of your shopping will make your search easy and to the point.

  1. Go For Authentic Sites Only

There are scams as well out there that can provide you with a faulty item in the guise of a handmade rug. Therefore it is important that you pick authentic, reliable websites that provide genuine handmade rugs. Go through each and every detail. And if needed, contact them to gain more information.

  1. Do Have Your Measurements Ready

Rugs, including handmade are available in different dimensions. You should know the measurement of the place where you intend to use the rugs. The measurements must be done accurately and keep your search to those specifics only. Too large or too small rug can simply turn out to be a silly move. This is one of the most important steps, which you mustn’t forget.

  1. Consider Shape of the Room/Place

The shape of your room defines what shape rug you should have. If you plan to lay the rug on a narrow, long space, then it should be in a runner shape. A round or rectangular rug looks good on a clean line room.

  1. Look Into Design Pattern

You can find an endless design patterns and themes in rugs. Seeing an item on a website is different to how it will look and feel where you intend to use that. Therefore it is important that you visualize different types of design patterns and then go for one that blends in effectively.

  1. Assess the Material

The material of the rug is a big concern to factor in. In handmade rugs, usually you will find cotton, wool, silk, jute and sisal. All have certain properties. The choice of the material should be done after a thorough evaluation of all things – where the rug is to be used, weather, design patterns, flooring material, if you have kids and pets at home, maintenance, and more.

  1. Know About Rug Pile

Pile refers to the thickness or density of the rug. Usually the thicker the rug, the better it is. However, there are places and considerations wherein low-pile rugs fits in well, especially high traffic areas. High-pile rugs are more suitable for bedroom and living room.


Your search shouldn’t center on just rug quality and features, but you should tread carefully through the online route. Site reliability, its policies, shipping, pricing and other factors are also important to ponder over. Go for a quality and trusted name in rugs manufacturing companies in USA, so that you are able to invest in a quality, durable rug piece.

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