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A Quick Overview Of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

A Quick Overview Of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

When it comes to treating erectile dysfunction, the options are numerous. You may be wondering which medical specialist to go to. In this article, you will learn about medicines, exercise, surgery, and the vacuum pump. Each treatment option has its own benefits and drawbacks. To help you make an informed decision, you should learn more about each one. Listed below are some of the main types of treatment:


If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you are probably wondering if there is a simple cure. While it is important to consult a doctor, lifestyle changes are a great option as well. By making changes to your diet and lifestyle, you can help improve your chances of getting an erection. A healthy diet is important for your overall health, so avoiding junk food and high-calorie drinks is a great first step.


The American College of Physicians recommends a patient decide which medicines to take for erectile dysfunction. Cenforce 120 medications relax smooth muscle and improve blood flow to the penis during sexual stimulation. They improve sex life and enhance the emotional connection with the partner. Men with heart conditions should avoid using erectile dysfunction medicines, which can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, resulting in fainting.


A man’s penis is normally soft and variable in size and can vary depending on temperature, worry, and sex. The balance of blood flow is reflected by the size of the penis. If a man struggles to achieve a firm erection, he may have erectile dysfunction. Maybe you are experiencing this issue, it is time to seek treatment. If you have not tried any of these options yet, we recommend that you talk to your primary care provider or urologist about your problem. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments available to improve erectile function and restore your life.

Vacuum pump

Many men are interested in using a vacuum pump as an erectile dysfunction treatment. It is an easy-to-use mechanical device, which extracts air from the penis and keeps it erect. The pump’s use is safe but has some side effects. Men should consult a doctor before using one. In addition to being safe, vacuum pumps are effective in treating erectile dysfunction.

Exercise reduces erectile dysfunction

The benefits of aerobic exercise are clear: it improves pelvic floor muscle tone and strengthens erectile tissues, thus reducing erectile dysfunction. A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology confirmed that aerobic exercise can cure erectile dysfunction. In addition to improving overall health, aerobic exercise can improve blood flow to the penis, which in turn boosts libido. The benefits of aerobic exercise are clear: not only do the cardiovascular benefits of exercise improve your libido, but it can also help you feel better about yourself and your sexual life.

Surgery to repair arteries

The revascularization of a penile artery is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. While this surgery has been around for decades, it has only recently been approved by the FDA for this condition. It can be performed on young, healthy men who have suffered blunt trauma or pelvic fracture and are experiencing persistent erectile dysfunction. This procedure is not suitable for everyone, but is an excellent option if you are suffering from ED.

Surgery to ligate veins

Surgery to ligate veins for ED may be beneficial for patients with a site-specific leak, and it remains the preferred operative technique among erectile dysfunction specialists. In a recent study, researchers from Columbia University and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center reported that patients’ IIEF scores rose from 18 to 24 at 1 year. Additionally, 71 percent of patients had unassisted postoperative sexual intercourse. However, there are some drawbacks to this procedure.

Other treatments

There are other erectile dysfunction treatments besides pills. One of them is the Cenforce 200, which is a blood-thinning drug that works by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis. The drug is sometimes prescribed for people with other health issues, such as allergies or high blood pressure. Because it relaxes blood vessels, it does not increase sexual desire or prevent pregnancy. Moreover, the drug may cause unwanted side effects.

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