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Filet exercise golf 2022

What to do to keep your swing?

In golf, it is important to practice. Movements in golf require many parameters to be taken into account. For example, the swing, which is the most representative movement of golf, needs to be worked on.

It is for this reason that all golf clubs have an area called driving range. In this area, you will find pitches delimited by practice mats. This is where you can practice.

However, sometimes you can’t get to your golf club. How to practice golf in this case? Rest assured there is a solution: golf exercise net. And yes you can set up a training area at home.

Nets: essential for working on precision

At your club’s golf driving range you can work on your distance. With a golf net you can work on precision because many of these nets have targets. Alone at home, you will train more calmly with good work on your swing. Nothing will distract you, such as the tractor picking up balls or your neighbor sending drives more than 200 meters away, something you can’t do when you’re new to golf like me.

There are several types of netting. For the moment I have mainly spoken to you about the net to work on the swing but know that there are also nets dedicated to chipping training. So I recommend that you pay attention to the information associated with the net in order to buy the net that corresponds to the golf movement that you want to work on.

In any case, you can put together a whole great package to practice golf while staying at home due to lack of time or out of obligation, as is the case right now with confinement.

How to choose the best golf net?

Now that you know more about nets and the types of moves you can practice with nets, I’ll give you some things to consider when choosing a golf net.

golf exercise net: safety

Who says golf net says training outside a golf club. You will therefore practice golf movements in areas not dedicated to the practice of golf. Therefore I recommend that you do not take the top prize for this golf net.

You have probably already hit a few swings, so you know like me that a golf ball going at full speed can be dangerous. So I recommend that you pay attention to this installation. As they say safety is priceless.

I recommend that you carefully check the attachment of the golf net, the height of the net depending on where you plan to install it. Finally, I also advise you to take the distance at which you are going to place yourself in relation to your net. This will allow you to determine the size of the golf net.

the quality

The other criterion also linked to safety is quality. Obviously there is the quality of the net but you must also take into account the frame that holds your golf net. Finally in terms of quality, you must also pay attention to the bindings. In windy conditions, your golf net should not blow away.


The third criterion that I advise you to take into account after reading many articles on the choice of a golf practice net is the assembly, especially on the forum . Indeed, I have read that some nets are difficult to mount. So I recommend that you be vigilant on the comments related to the editing. If you read that the assembly is difficult then you can go your way. The point of having a golf net is to save time as I told you at the beginning of this article. If you spend more time setting up your net than going to the driving range of your regular golf club then you lose all sense of buying your golf net.

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golf net: price

The last criterion to consider for your golf net is the price. If like me you don’t have a big budget for golf then you may be looking for the cheapest deal. As I advised you earlier, I recommend that you do not take an entry level for security reasons. Imagine bad equipment and a bullet going through your neighbors window, you will lose all the money you save with a cheaper offer.

Prices for golf nets start at 40€ and can go up to 500€. As I told you, I read a lot of articles because I am about to buy a golf net. I therefore share with you my opinion as a golfer: above 100 € the nets begin to meet the criteria mentioned above. Between 150 and 200€, the nets start to be very good

looking for a good golf net to hit in my garden

In order to pursue one of fandegolf’s missions, namely to save you time, you member of the ever-growing fandegolf community, I have made you a top 3 of the best golf nets for swing practice. The selection of the best golf nets for chipping will come in a future article. But for the moment having this future purchase in mind, I share with you my top 3 golf nets and certainly the answer to what you have been waiting for since the beginning of this article: which golf net recommends So here is the answer

Top 3 best golf practice nets

I chose the first net (on the left) because it was simple but effective and robust! The second net attracted me because it offers targets compared to the first, useful for working on precision as I explained to you in the article. Finally the third corresponds to what I would dream of having permanently installed in my garden if it were much larger.

The FANDEGOLF.FR selection for a golf net

Among the 3 previous nets, the one that I remembered and that I will surely buy myself soon is the net with the targets because it is more fun and above all a storage bag because I cannot leave it permanently in my garden.

golf at home: other accessories

I have already told you about the net for shipping previously. But you also have the indoor golf mat and also an outdoor golf mat to accompany your golf net if you don’t want to damage your lawn. With all its golf equipment, you can train and not lose too much if you have to take a break from your sport.

In conclusion

As you may have read, I am desperate to find myself a golf net because I want to continue to progress in golf even when I cannot go to a golf course. I hope I was able to share some useful tips and save you time if like me you are looking for a golf net.
Good equipment for golfing at home allows you to train, to live your passion and thus become a golf fan.

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