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Instead of logging to each of your financial accounts in a separate way Try account aggregation, a program which consolidates the information of many financial accounts into one location. This feature is available in personal finance applications like Quicken or other online financial tools and websites.

Benefits to Seeing All Accounts in One Place

The collection of all your brokerage, credit card and checking accounts or savings accounts, loans and other accounts, even if they’re in several financial institutions, in one place will help you manage your finances quickly and efficiently. For instance you can know how much money is on your account for checking and simultaneously noticing that you’re due to pay a charge on your credit card or loan payment due , means you’ll be able to make a claim for the payment without a charge to your account. Comparing all your accounts is beneficial, particularly with the latest transaction data available accessible to you.

In the process of aggregation or clustering of the accounts in these applications offer automatic downloads of transactions and the capability to view the details of several kinds of accounts in one place often referred to as”a “dashboard.”


The advantage of account aggregation is that you don’t need to sign in to multiple accounts to get the financial picture. It’s as simple as logging into only one program and sign up to one site or launch one application to access all the accounts you have in your finances. It will show you a complete snapshot of all your balances transactions, and other information all in one location.

How to Set Up Account Aggregation

In order to set up account aggregation, you’ll first require bank accounts online with the financial institutions which have each of your accounts. After that, you’ll be able to add each account on an aggregation platform. This is accomplished by the setup procedure where you indicate the location in which each financial account is located, as well as the account’s username along with the account’s password. This gives the aggregator access to access the account’s details.

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When you log into your program using the password you have created, it utilizes the aggregation feature that secures the presentation of your login details and passwords to all the financial institutions which hold your accounts. Your account data is later downloaded as well as “scraped,” and presented to you in one location.


Security and Safety

After you have provided your password and secure login details to the program the system automatically collects the data in the same way as you would have when you log on by yourself.


Account aggregation services give the software the ability to look at the balances of your accounts and transaction, but not perform transactions. If you would like to access your account or transfer it, you’ll have to sign on to the respective account’s website.

In addition, the software makes use of a range of sophisticated security features. For instance, if you connect to an unidentified device or computer further authentication may be required.


However, you must be extremely cautious when providing your financial information to a third-party that has high-end security certification. Finra the financial regulatory authority advises customers to be aware of the potential risks involved in providing financial and personal information to financial aggregators. Finra also advises consumers to be aware of the privacy policies and terms for any company they utilize.


However, many who are active in their finances turn to the aggregation services because of their convenience, user-friendliness and security features. They can be a time saver without adding more stress when it comes to managing your money.

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