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Five Tips to Get to the Airport on Time

Five Tips to Get to the Airport on Time

Airports worldwide have virtually returned to pre-pandemic traffic levels due to the low staffing levels, which has resulted in lengthy wait times for parking, checking in, and passing through security. Experienced travellers know that passengers are prepared to go through the airport considerably quicker. Adhering to these rules may make the most of your time at the airport. 

You now have three hours to get to the airport before your flight’s boarding time, which is convenient. Experienced travellers know that planning beforehand might help avoid wasting time at the airport. Use these tips to navigate the airport quickly and easily.

Tips to get to the airport on time.

TSA PreCheck/Global Entry

Global Entry offers speedier security screenings at US airports and quicker security inspections at foreign airports for international travellers (similar to PreCheck). We’ve talked a lot about these accelerated security programs, and we can assure you they’re well worth the $85 price tag. Use a credit card that provides a statement credit for travel spending as a simple trick to get past security.

Book airport service.

It’s recommended to avoid using any public transportation if you want to arrive at the airport on time. The possibility of missing your flight increases when you use public transportation. You shouldn’t use an app like Uber or Lyft for various reasons, including a lack of company insurance, cutting-edge technology, and qualified drivers. 

London chauffeur services can be scheduled in advance to guarantee a secure and on-time arrival at the airport. To ensure that you only receive the best service, Overland puts its drivers through stringent screening and training, unlike Uber and Lyft, which don’t bother to instruct their employees. 

Uber and Lyft are transportation services, but we provide real-time flight tracking and validation. You won’t have to wait long for your transport to arrive, regardless of how early or late your flight is. No other automobile service in Kansas City comes close to us.

Arrive two hours before your flight.

Before your flight, you should give yourself plenty of time to deal with traffic, parking, check-in, bag-checking, and airport security. These errands might add up quickly, whether you’re travelling during the holidays or the summer. To ensure that you have enough time to check in and take care of any last-minute concerns, aim to be at the airport at least two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international departure. Before your flight, you’ll have extra time to complete all import duties, easing the pressure you’ll be under.

Before leaving, check your flight.

At least 24 hours before your flight, you should check in online (or via the app), but you should also confirm that your flight is still on schedule before you leave your house. The last thing you want to learn after saying your goodbyes to loved ones and making it to the airport on time is that your flight has been canceled or delayed by three hours. 

It is in your best interest to check on the status of your trip as soon as you can, given how frequently flights are delayed or rescheduled. There’s no guarantee that the airline’s app will provide you with alerts promptly. However, you can track the status of your flight in real-time by using your flight number and FlightAware.

Success attire

You need special clothing just to fly to the airport in style. Your go-to vacation attire should be comfortable, easy to care for, and presentably in public. It is best to have a medium thickness between the two. Keep a small jacket or scarf in your bag if you are cold. Travellers’ scarves are among the most cherished items that travellers pack. If you’re interested, these are the best scarves for travelling in 2022.


Do I have to shower before getting on the plane?

First, take a brief shower. In our opinion, the first step toward optimal performance is a clean, rested body. It also works as a backup alarm for people with early flights. The warm water and invigorating aromas might help you stay vigilant when navigating airports, which is always a good idea.

Can passengers bring their water on the plane?

Utilizing a reusable water bottle can cut waste and cost. Fill it up after clearing security, then bring it on the plane. There are a few rare exceptions, but generally speaking, you are not permitted to carry water or drinks more than 3.4 ounces through security.

Should I fly stuffed or famished?

Consume fewer calories. Contrary to popular belief, eating before a flight does not help avoid motion sickness. Empty stomach syndrome could exacerbate symptoms. Instead of a hefty lunch, munch on crackers, fruit, and other light snacks.

Which snacks are prohibited from being brought on board aircraft?

Unchecked food items in the luggage. For example, spreads and dips are prepared from hummus, cream cheese, chocolate, coffee, honey, juice, syrup, peanut butter, salad dressing, sauce, salsa, soda, soup, and yoghurt.

How about some ideas for delectable snacks on flights?

Candy. Transporting solid food products is permissible in carry-on and checked luggage (but not liquids or gels). Over 3.4 ounces of liquid or gel must be checked as cargo.


Who wouldn’t want to always arrive at the airport on time if they followed the above advice? Contact us if you have any questions or need more information on how to maximise your time at the airport. We now provide airport car service to and from any airport in the United States and worldwide to supplement our domestic transportation options. 

Just let us know ahead of time, and we’ll have a luxury vehicle waiting for you at the airport in any city where you need London airport chauffeur. Our chauffeurs may also help with luggage and a smooth transition to the terminal within the parameters of airport security.

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