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Football History

The story of the game of football (soccer)

football (or soccer, as the game is known in some regions around the globe) has a long and rich history. The current version of football originated in England during the latter part to the end of 19th century. However, other versions of the game were played long before and are now a part of the history of football.

The early history of football and the earliest antecedents to football

The first documented instances of a game for teams using the ball, constructed from a rock, was played in ancient Mesoamerican civilizations for more than 3000 years. It was played by the Aztecs named Tchatali and different variants that played the sport were played across vast areas. At certain occasions, the ball was believed to be used to represent the sun as well as the player of the team losing would be sacrificed to gods. One unique aspect of Mesoamerican ball game was the ball that bounced of rubber . It was the only time that an earlier culture could have the luxury of rubber.

The first ball game that also involved kicking was played in China during the 3rd and the 2nd century BC under the term Cuju. Cuju was played using the round ball (stitched leather that had feathers or fur inside) in the form of an area of. A modified version of the game was later introduced to Japan and was referred to by its name Kemari, a game which was played in ceremonial settings.

It is possible that cuju was even older than marn Gook that was that was widely played by Aboriginal Australians and according to white emigrants from the 1800s, an Australian ball game that mainly involved the kick. The ball was constructed using enclosed branches or leaves. The rules of the game are not fully understood However, like many earlier games,, keeping the ball up in the air was most likely one of the main features.

Ball games of different kinds existed since Ancient Greece. The ball was constructed from pieces of leather stuffed by hair (the first records of balls that were filled with air date back to around the seventh century). Ball games, however, had been regarded as low-class and were not included in the Panhellenic Games. In Ancient Rome games using balls weren’t part of the entertainment in the huge arenas (amphitheaters) however, they were played during military exercises under the name of Harpastum. The Roman culture that introduced football into the British Island (Britannica). However, it’s unclear to what extent the British population was affected by this type of sport and to what extent they came up with their own versions.

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The football game takes its shape

The most well-known story is that the game first came into existence in England during the early 12th century. In the 12th century, games which resembled the game of football played out on fields as well as roadways in England. In addition to kicks, the game included punches to the ball with fists. The early version of football was more violent and brutal than modern methods of playing.

A key characteristic of the forerunners of football was the fact that they involved lots of people and were played across vast areas of towns (an similar version is played today in Florence in the 16th century, and was known as Calcio). The ferocity of these games would result in destruction to the town and often death to players. These were one of the main reasons behind the proclamations against the sport that were eventually banned for a number of centuries. However, the football-like games returned on London’s streets London during the seventeenth century. The game was banned again in 1835, however at this point, the game was being taught in public schools.

It took a some time before the characteristics of modern football were implemented in practice. For a long period, there was no distinct distinction between rugby and football. There were many variations in how big the ball and how many players, and the length of the game.

The game was played most often in schools, and two of the most popular schools included Rugby as well as Eton. In Rugby the rules allowed the possibility of taking up the ball using the hands. The sport which we know today as rugby is derived from there. In Eton however,, the game was played using the feet, and the game is considered to be a similar precursor to modern-day football. The game played in Rugby was referred to as “the running game” while the game played at Eton was referred to as “the dribbling game”.

An attempt to develop guidelines regarding the field was attempted during a conference in Cambridge in 1848. However, an end-to-end solution to all issues of rules was never found. Another significant event in the football’s history took place around 1863, in London where the initial Football association was created in England. The decision was made that playing the ball using hands was not permitted. The meeting also led to the standardization of the weight and size that the ball could carry. The result from this London conference was that rugby was split into two codes, association football and rugby.

The game remain to evolve for a lengthy period of time, and there was many nuances in the rules. One example is that the amount of players on the field could be different. There were no uniforms to differentiate the appearance of teams. It was also common for players wearing caps . The headgear was not an integral part of the game.

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