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Guide to Magnetic Core Drilling Machine: Working Principle, Applications, and Benefits

Guide to Magnetic Core Drilling Machine: Working Principle, Applications, and Benefits

A magnetic core drill, also known as magnetic drill press, magnetic drill, and portable drilling machine, is a device that comes with a cutting tool and electromagnetic base. It comes with a twist drill bit, annular cutter, milling cutter, and rotary cutter.

Using a reversible motor and variable speed control to perform tapping, reaming, and countersink. A magnetic core drilling machine is widely used to drill holes in metals. The best advantage is it allows a technician to drill holes at remote locations, helping to save on workplace infrastructure costs.

Operational characteristics of Magnetic Drilling Machine

A portable drilling machine is a feasible option for both on-site and off-site job applications. It is used in several fields, including construction, fabrication, and heavy engineering industry. It is used for drilling holes, on-site and for repairing or constructing structural steel.

Thanks to technology, these machines are now turned lightweight and are ideal for manufacturing and fabrication work environments. It can be configured in both vertical and horizontal positions. Common types of magnetic drills include automatic and semi-automatic feed, pneumatic, cordless, and horizontal.

Where to use the magnetic drilling machine?

Whatever industry you’re involved in, use a premium magnetic drill to prevent slipping and shifting. A clean and smooth metal surface allows the magnet base to be strong and steady.

If the material is thinner than 10mm or is non-ferrous, it is better than clamping a steel sheet on top for extra-strong adhesion before drilling holes via a magnetic drill. Several applications of magnetic drill machines include:

  • Building and construction
  • Heavy engineering industry
  • Steel fabrication industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Wind turbine manufacturing
  • Automobile repair shop
  • Pipeline, offshore, or oil field
  • Tower and pole construction
  • Welding industry

Why Use Magnetic Drill Machine?

  • Convenient – It is hard to bring work factory and drill with standing drill press in some locations. It is convenient to carry magnetic drills and cutters to the workplace to drill holes on-site.
  • Fast – Using annular cutters can save ample time and effort, and you can bring the workpiece to the factory since operators can drill on-site.
  • Flexible – Positioned horizontally, vertically, or overhead. With annular cutters and drill chuck, the magnetic drill can put holes in a metal sheet with a twist drill, step drill, and countersink.
  • Clean and Eco-friendly – All you need is just a solid slug and metal clips. The solid chunk can be recycled or sold back to the scrap company.

How to Use a Magnetic Drill Press?

  • Place a magnetic drill on the workpiece that is required to be drilled
  • Join core drill alongside an ejector pin to the arbor as per diameter and cutting depth of the hole
  • Align the magnetic drill and make adjustments for achieving the proper center of the hole
  • Plugin the machine with a power source
  • Control the speed of the machine by adjusting the gear to the required cutting speed rate
  • Turn on the magnetic switch and magnetic drill press motor
  • Turn on the lubrication tap for seamless operation.
  • Apply the downward force to the machine to create a hole in a workpiece.
  • Complete cutting of workpiece with annular cutter and then motor returns to the initial state
  • Clean the workspace after completing the drilling job to avoid accidents

By following these instructions and detailed information, you can achieve the desired holes in less time and increase the lifespan of the cutter and machine.




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