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Guide to Website Personalization – 6 Ways to Personalize Your Website Experience

Guide to Website Personalization – 6 Ways to Personalize Your Website Experience

Website personalization is a crucial step to offering an exclusive, one-on-one tailored experience to visitors online looking for convenience. You can customize the experience based on users’ past purchases, geographical location, and behavioral purposes that serve multiple business purposes.

The concept of website personalization has been very popular for years. Given its significance in revenue generation and ecommerce shopping, more and more brands are moving ahead to explore this sphere. A quality website personalization experience can attract more visitors to your platform, increase customer retention rate and generate more sales. In this guide, we will walk through everything regarding web personalization and put together ways to get started. 

What is Website Personalization? 

It is the process of creating a customized experience to give something special and tailored to each website visitor. It may include hand-picked product recommendations, exclusive offers, and dynamic content. It is designed on visitors’ web behavior, interests and demographics. 

Benefits of Website Personalization 

  • More Engagement – When you deliver people what they want in a tailored way, it will eventually boost engagement.  
  • More Sales – When you deliver products, content, and special offers that suit users’ preferences, they will start to show a keen interest in your brand. As a result, it drives qualified leads and sales for your business. 
  • Increased Customer Loyalty – When you personalize your site, visitors will feel like you really care for them and end up building a loyal tribe of customers. 

How can you personalize your website? 

  • Recommendations 

When anyone shops on your website, they can neither discover every product you provide nor have time to explore product pages. You can personalize their recommendations based on their browsing behavior and product history. Recommendations are an excellent way to personalize users’ experience, navigate the right products, and stick to your brand. 

  • Landing Pages 

To make the most out of your landing pages, personalize them. A tailored landing page should be clutter-free, focus only on the product or service in your ad, have CTA that inspires prospects to complete action, minimize visuals, and highlight selling points. You can approach a digital marketing company in Chicago or elsewhere to run PPC ads or social media ads successfully. 

  • Pop-Ups 

You can gather customer data and use it to create pop-ups based on products viewed by customers previously. If someone has seen your clothing items recently, you might show them a pop-up with a coupon for 10% off on best-selling products.  

  • Dynamic Content 

Dynamic content is the information that appears on the page based on user behavior, data, and characteristics. For instance, you can transform the way how you address someone when they visit your platform. For someone who likes outdoor activities, your greeting might change to say, ‘Hi Hiker or Welcome Camper.’ It presents a touch of personalization and drastically impacts how people perceive your product or service. 

  • Search Bar Results 

A search bar on your website can help people navigate a product, service, or whatever content they are looking for. You can gather relevant information about customer behavior and interests to tailor search results. If anyone seeking a particular product, you can add an element of personalization to customize your search results and increase sales. 

  • Messaging 

If you own a chat box on your website that pops up for visitors, then you can consider personalizing your messages in the chat. For example, if someone is into hiking, you can personalize the message and say, “need help finding hiking safety gear?” This way you can customize your chat box, fill communication gaps and deliver messages to people based on their data and preferences. 

Final Words 

The main aim of employing these parameters is to keep visitors engaged in what your brand offers and encourage them to purchase items that would be beneficial for them. Focus on buyer personas, geolocation, device type, time spent on-page, and others, alongside using the right tracking tools to personalize your website. 

If you’re unsure about where to begin, rely on a web design company in Chicago or any other location to take experts’ advice and learn to create more personal web experiences for your target audience. 

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