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How to choose the right surfboard for the first time?

How to choose the right surfboard for the first time?

According to the US Surfing Federation, the territory has 1 million surfers, including 67,000 licensees. Globally, this would represent around 23 million enthusiasts. Besides the passion for the ocean, sport and sensations, it is necessary to have the right equipment.

Whether you are an expert or not, it is not always easy to know how to choose your equipment. It is essential to take into account various elements: its level, its build, etc. How to choose the right surfboard for the first time? Answers here!

Define your surf level

To choose your first surfboard, the first step to follow is to determine its level. Indeed, there are several levels from beginner to professional through the intermediate level.

The beginner level

This level is for people who are going to practice surfing for the first time. That is to say, we slowly begin to take the first waves and stand up. Thanks to this equipment, the practitioner will be able to experience his beginnings serenely. For beginners, it is recommended to choose between 3 types of models:

  • the Mini Malibu (to catch the foams on board),
  • the Egg (for soft waves from the sea to the edge),
  • the Scalable (for those who evolve towards the intermediate level, it allows to take bottom waves).

It is recommended to go to a professional for more information.

The intermediate level

This level is intended for surfers who are starting to develop well and who are learning a few techniques such as mastering take-offs. An intermediate level is also to read a wave and its speed.

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The expert level

In this case, the practice has almost no secrets for you. The snowboarder knows all the techniques and masters both tricks and aerials.

Take a surfboard adapted to your size

The second point to take into account: the template. It is necessary to follow a size guide for surfboards and take into account 2 criteria: its weight and its level. The objective is to find the ideal material which is stable to evolve and surpass oneself.

Choose the right volume

It’s all about finding the right volume. Indeed, the more volume a board has, the more stable the practitioner will be on it. For example, in the case of a beginner, it is recommended to seek a minimum volume in order to progress. If it is an experienced practitioner, it is advisable to choose a maximum volume. Below are some sample sizes.

  • For a weight of 40 kg: 34 L for a beginner, 21 L for an intermediate, 17 L for an expert,
  • For a weight of 60 kg: 42 L for a novice, 26 L for a median, 21 L for an experienced,
  • For 80 kg Weight : 55 L for a neophyte, 34 l for an intermediate, 27 L for an expert.

To find the ideal material according to your size, it is best to go to a specialized store.

Choose the type of board

There are many types of boards that cater for all skill levels.

For the uninitiated, the foam board . This is the most recommended material for those who are just starting out. Indeed, when you begin, all the gestures and techniques are not mastered. This helps to ensure his safety and that of others. In addition, it is an inexpensive commitment. It allows you to learn. These include the Catch Surf foam surfboards available in the best surf shops.

For the in-between, the Mini-Malibu . This board is intended for practitioners who have a level between beginner and intermediate. It allows you to take your first waves and do long sessions. It is a good solution to learn and evolve. Its advantage is that it has a pleasant flotation, high stability for take-offs and that it is very manoeuvrable.

For the initiated, the Longboard. This style of equipment is not intended for all practitioners. Thanks to its stability, it facilitates take-offs. In addition, it is suitable for small and long waves. It is also easy to stand on it. However, she is not very docile and can be dangerous.

For experts, the ShortBoard. The ShortBoard is intended for expert people. That is to say, it is perfect for hollow waves and conditions of energetic practice. Also, it allows for very technical combinations. However, it is advisable to have the required level to use it.

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