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How to Find a Cheap Gaming Laptop

How to Find a Cheap Gaming Laptop

Many people spend their free time playing video games. Choosing a powerful laptop for gaming is no easy task. There are many factors to consider when looking for a new laptop for gaming. It’s important to take a close look at a gaming laptop’s specs before making a purchase. We’ve compiled this list of crucial criteria to consider to help you find the best gaming laptop for your needs.

Choose an Operating System

One of the most fundamental components of modern technology is an operating system, which provides the framework for all other controls. While Windows has dominated the PC gaming industry for years, alternative operating systems such as macOS and Linux have advantages. Check out the examples and pick which ones apply to you:


Microsoft’s Windows has evolved greatly throughout a series of versions. The most recent version of Windows, Windows 10, is a powerful and quick operating system. Windows 10 is the best option if you’re the type of player that values maximum compatibility and support for all available titles.

In addition to the fact that Windows receives frequent updates, the impending introduction of Windows 11 by Microsoft is an excellent argument in favor of purchasing a Windows-based laptop. Windows will provide a user-friendly environment that is easy to navigate while still allowing for a wide range of personalization options. Thus, Windows is the best option for the impatient player.


Linux is the foundation of many operating systems, but some users who value simplicity and extensive configuration options have adopted it as their primary OS. The fact that Linux only has a 3% market share is probably why there aren’t more gaming laptops shipping with it pre-installed.

However, compared to other systems, Linux allows for more customization. It is possible to install lightweight Linux distributions and even to run Android on Linux.

More importantly, Linux gaming is improving daily. A plethora of games is available for native Linux operation. On the other hand, remaining with Windows is your safest decision until you have a firm grasp of the situation.


Users have praised Apple’s unique operating system for being user-friendly and straightforward. Before purchasing a gaming laptop, gamers must know that macOS has restricted compatibility with gaming. Since macOS is only available on Apple hardware, the gaming experience is already hampered by the lack of hardware support. Although some games, such as Cuphead, League of Legends, and Minecraft: Java Edition, are optimized for Macs, many popular titles aren’t available for macOS.

Mac OS, on the other hand, is a welcome addition for experts who wish to improve their workflow. In addition, macOS 12 is the most recent release and offers improved functionality over previous versions. The operating system will be available to the public later this year.

Build Quality

Most gaming laptops have a metallic, aluminum, or high-quality plastic finish and are significantly heavier than standard laptops or ultrabooks. It’s not that plastic structures aren’t any good; metallic bodies are more durable and can sustain high temperatures without breaking down. The best recommendations are either metallic or aluminum finishes for the surface.

Graphic Card (GPU)

The graphics card in a gaming laptop is the most important component, as it is what ultimately defines the quality of the gaming experience for the user. A graphics card with 4 gigabytes of DDR5 memory should be sufficient for casual players. You should get an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, 1650TI, 1660, or 1660TI. Hardcore gamers should look for graphics cards with more than 6 gigabytes of storage space if they can afford it.

Processor (CPU)

The processor is the first and most important component to consider when purchasing a gaming laptop. When it comes to the laptop’s overall performance, the CPU’s quality is directly proportional to how well it will do its job. The most recent Ryzen 5 or Intel i5 processor will be adequate for optimal gaming; however, the most recent Ryzen 7 or Intel i7 processor will be required for the most demanding gaming.

Memory and Storage

A lot of cache memory and storage space is utilized when playing games on a laptop. Therefore, storage (HDD or SSD) and memory (RAM) cannot be sacrificed to have a good gaming laptop. A good gaming laptop should have at least 8 GB of RAM, 512 GB of solid-state storage, and 1 TB of hard disc space, in addition to slots for expansion.


The thermals are the primary component of a gaming laptop responsible for most of the impact. The thermals of a laptop are deemed to be poor if it heats up quickly and reaches a very high temperature. Gaming laptops that fit this description are not recommended. Therefore, it is advisable to search for laptops that have good thermals. One must consider a gaming laptop’s vents, fans, and additional cooling system before making a purchase.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Most individuals like to use peripherals like external keyboards and mice when it comes to gaming. In any case, if you only use your computer sometimes, you should choose a Full-Size keyboard because it has larger arrow keys and better illumination. It is ideal for a gaming laptop to have a similarly sensitive touchpad with a smooth surface.


The experience of playing games on a laptop is improved by its display. You should look for a laptop with a resolution of at least 1080p and a refresh rate of at least 120Hz if you want to use it for gaming. To get the most out of your refresh rate in the laptop, you will need a more powerful CPU and graphics processing unit.

Battery life

When shopping for a gaming laptop, try not to be too concerned with battery life. As a result of their power requirements, gaming consoles tend to drain batteries rapidly while in use. Your average gaming laptop has a battery life of about 8 hours when plugged in, and expecting more may be asking too much. While this is unfortunate, it probably won’t be a major issue since you’ll likely have your gaming laptop plugged into an outlet the entire time you play.


The cheap gaming laptop under 100 cost is the final analysis’s most important aspect. You’ll have to look through the specification and make some cost estimates. A high-performance gaming laptop will cost more, but even the most basic model will cost less than 125,000.


Your priorities will become clearer now that you know what to look for in a gaming laptop. Your financial situation should also play a role in your decision. Laptops powered by AMD are now widely available, so you can easily choose one that meets all your needs, regardless of your budget.

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