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How to practice Golf at Home?

How to practice Golf at Home?

We won’t teach you that golf is an outdoor activity. We play there for fresh air, to meet people, to enjoy nature or for competition. Suffice to say that when you are confined to your home, not being able to play golf can become very frustrating.

We have therefore imagined for you 4 situations to relive the emotions of golf at home while waiting to be able to get back to it for real. Take care of yourself, we take care of your golf course.

practice Golf at Home


The swing is the basis. It is sometimes neglected a little when the call of the great outdoors is stronger. It’s still nicer to go play a few holes than to have a technical session at the practice.

Well, you can’t go and feel the green or the bunker in your living room. Take the opportunity to work on your swing indoors! Good news: you do n’t necessarily need a garden, a practice net and your clubs to train . Of course, this is not ideal, but if you bring out your Mc Gyver spirit, with a taut thread, a large blanket and a mat, you are the proud owner of a home practice net .

You can try to install it indoors if you have enough space, but be careful,safety above all else : unless you want to be sure that you want to become a glazier for the next few hours to come.

If you don’t have golf clubs available, don’t panic, it is quite possible to practice your swing with a stick, an umbrella or a tennis racket . There, you will certainly not hit balls, but you can focus on the pure technique. Sit in front of a mirror or, better, film yourself, and in slow motion if you can . Do empty swings, at different speeds, break down the movement. You have time to build a better swing, take advantage of it!

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The Internet is a gold mine full of exercises imagined by pros just waiting to be tested. You will keep the ones that are most useful to you in your new routine.


Here, we are not going to lie to each other, you are going to need your clubs, or at least a wedge. If you have a garden, you are fine. There, no need to draw yourself a picture, you probably did not wait to be confined to make some crisps. A little tip: if it’s good to work on the contact to play on the grass, your garden may quickly look like a minefield. So, with a small carpet or a fall of carpet, you can limit the damage.

Indoors, you can play with the furniture and the layout of the place to imagine your shot and try to achieve it. The fashion is for tricks shots: juggling, improbable shots. Make room for your imagination to work on your little game while having fun!

practice Golf at Home


Putting is undoubtedly the part of the game that is most conducive to life at home . There, anyway, unless you have green-keeper skills, you’re unlikely to have a turf worthy of a Grand Prix green.

The best is the Putting set . You have a hole you can place anywhere in your house and a ball that rolls at the same speed as a golf ball on a green. But failing that, if you have a room with carpet and real golf balls, this is a good practice green . You don’t necessarily need a hole: place a mark on the ground to simulate the bogey, practice dosing, work on your putting movement, check your posture, your ability to align yourself well.

In putting, it often happens in the head . You can also train your mind by challenging yourself to put in the most putts in a row. This will come in handy when you are back on the course.

practice Golf at Home


If you are physically unable to make the slightest movement of golf or to prolong the experience, take advantage of the inexhaustible resources of the Internet ! You will find hours and hours of advice for all areas of the game, material tests, documentaries, replay of the biggest tournaments, bloopers, etc.

The French Golf Federation, for its part, offers a list of 10 golf-themed films to watch or re-watch .

Finally, if you have the soul of a gamer, there are some very nice golf simulations , and no more scratches and topettes that complicate our lives!

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