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How to reach Jhunjhunu?

How to reach Jhunjhunu?

Which are the best spots to go to in Jhunjhunu? 1. Sone Chandi Ki Haveli If you are looking for an area that is stunning enough to capture some unforgettable pictures, then the interior of this haveli is sure to allow you to do that. 2. Badalgarh Fort is famous for its large statues, as well as exquisite artworks. 3. Rani Sati Temple The Rani Sati Temple is located at a high altitude, and provides a stunning panorama of the sun setting. To reach here, you will have to hike for a few metres, thus visiting the temple can be an adventurous experience for your loved ones.

What is the most suitable moment to go to Jhunjunu?

Jhunjhunu is best explored between the months of October and March. Around this time the temperatures are cool, and you are able to shield yourself from the harsh heat waves.

How to reach Jhunjhunu?

If you’re planning a trip via road, the city is easily connected to other regions of India via roads and the bus station in the city. Jhunjhunu is also home to its own railway station from which you can take a train to various major cities Jaipur, Delhi,etc.

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What is Jhunjunu famous for?

Jhunjhunu’s origins are in the earliest rituals and the culture. There are numerous beautiful places in the town, such as forts, palaces, and havelis. The Badalgarh Fort, Sone Chandi Ki haveli, and a host of other locations are among the most famous jhunjhunu spots.

What are the most suitable places for a stay in Jhunjhunu

1. Hotel Jamuna Palace: This resort is an excellent choice if you are looking for an accommodation close to Jhunjhunu’s top tourist places of interest. From air-conditioned rooms, to bathrooms with attached showers there are a myriad of amenities at this resort. 2. The Hotel Sunshine Resort is located in the beautiful grass. It’s the ideal spot to stay if you’re looking to get away from the city. 3. Hotel Fresco Palace: This stay showcases the beauty of historic architecture and is decorated with exquisite artwork and carvings. It offers an atmosphere of royalty to its guests.

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