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Kudremukh Trek is a fascinating trek through the western ghats. It is located in Karnataka near Chikmagalur, which is approximately 280 km away from Bangalore. Kudremukh peak, the third highest peak in the state, is also the most prominent. It rises 6200 feet above sea level. It is situated in the second-largest forest in western Ghats, a national reserve forest. It is home to a variety of wildlife and flora.


It takes approximately 22km to trek the 9 km distance from each side. The climb will take you 4 hours to reach the summit of Kudremukh Peak. Kudremukh is Kannada for horse face. Therefore, the view from the side of the peak looks like a horse’s head. This gives it its name, kudremukh summit.


Shola forest

You will enter the dense, evergreen shola forest as you begin the trek. Wild animals such as deer, leopards, langurs and other wild animals may be found if you’re lucky. You will cross many small streams through the forest. It is important to have good grip to cross them as the rocks within the water can be slippery. Monsoons bring high water flows.


Once you have cleared the forest, you will begin to see the grassland and the mountains welcoming you into their homes. These meadows will make the hike quite steep. The views of the valley from high up will make you feel incredibly happy. You will see the eagerly awaited peak, rolling meadows and forest. This adventurous trek will take you to a breathtaking view. The pleasant weather and misty valley make the climb so enjoyable and satisfy your soul.


Kudremukh trekking on a weekday

Trekking isn’t just for the faint of heart. It’s about the desire to attain or acquire something and to believe in oneself. Trekkers are passionate, lovable and sometimes a little crazy because they love adventure.


These friends will take you on one of the most memorable treks in Karnataka, near Bangalore. Your friends will be busy working if you’re not there. Join us on this amazing trek. At 9pm, you will be collected from Bangalore at 4 pick-up points. Then, you will be taken by overnight bus to Kudremukh and arrive at the base camp early in the morning. Reach the forest office before the official limit of 50 persons per day. Begin the trek and you will be surrounded by other trekkers. As you begin trekking to the Kudremukh peak, enjoy breakfast with them. Enjoy a memorable time with your group. Trekkers are enthusiastic and loveable.


Our group makes life-long memories and friendships while traveling together. You will hear the sounds of a waterfall as you hike through the forest. This waterfall can be visited the next morning. Continue hiking, getting back to each other. Clearing the dense forest and small streams will take approximately 1 hour.


Things to keep with you

Water bottles can be carried and refilled from these streams. Listening to the birds sing and the cold breeze will inspire you to continue walking to the top. The steep climb to the summit is the hardest part of the trek. However, the narrow zigzag will lead you to the top. Enjoy the magnificent views from the top. The green carpet that runs down to the valley floor and the cloud formations between them are stunning to see. Enjoy lunch with your friends and take pictures. It’s worth it!



You must descend the same route as before to reach base camp at 6 pm, according to forest officials. Rest for the night and enjoy a tasty dinner with fellow trekkers. Relax by the bonfire, and remember the wonderful day spent with this group. The village has a guest house where you can take a warm bath.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the camp, they offer night accommodations. Good sleep is important as you’ll be heading out for Bangalore the next morning. The waterfall is located approximately 2-3km from the campsite if you have the time.


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