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Kumara Parvatha (KP): How to Climb to Understand the Pleasure

Kumara Parvatha (KP): How to Climb to Understand the Pleasure


Mountains have much to offer and many people have done an amazing job of sharing their beauty. One of the most attractive options was undoubtedly trying to do one of the most difficult treks in Ghats, one of the most mysterious mountain ranges in the country. It was an incredible experience to be in such a beautiful location. The windy roads were surrounded by tall trees and constant gusty winds, so I decided to go through them. It was a beautiful setting. Kumara Parvatha is the third highest peak in Karnataka and lies within one week of Tadiandamol Peak and Mullayanagiri.


Location: India, Karnataka State, Dakshina Kannada District (Country)

Bengaluru is 280km away.

KukkeSubramanya Path is the starting point for the trek

Trekking level: Challenging

Distance: The Kumara Parvatha journey takes 13 KMS (One side).

Altitude: 1712 m

Trudging time: 8-10 Hours (one side).

Permitted camping area

The best time to go trekking is Oct-February


Permission must be obtained from the forest department.


They usually leave a faraway city on a cold Friday night in November. They stopped at a ledge for late-night tea and the journey was foggy as they had just finished their official duties. Most cases, they are 280 metric linear units. It reminds me of a trip that took place along winding roads to the Himachal Pradesh hills. I tend to be sleepyheaded so I started sleeping in my seat. Developed back problems after a long bus ride. Often prolonged


The beginning of the journey


It’s a peaceful day with plenty of sunshine. We could all begin our journey here. Everything began in the small temple city Kukke Subramanya. Formal introductions are usually made at the bottom. There are some climbs in the first few kilometres. The path was surrounded by dense forests and was covered in gravel and small stones. You may pause along the route to admire the view, but you also tend to move fast.

Sometimes, you may encounter a large spider that looks like a tarantula when traveling. It is important to be aware that you should not allow your family members to come here.

The planners would have a general practitioner present on the site, who is only equipped with basic supplies and a kit to treat snake bites. They were surprised to see that there was not one person at the waterfall until they got there, which led them to believe they had made a wrong turn.

The water seems to flow from heaven when it is intoxicated by the waterfall. The path became steeper, and the trees got closer together.


At 3:00 pm, the forest gave their approval. However, they allowed us to proceed with our plan to climb the KP hill. It is no wonder that it is the most difficult trek in Karnataka. The forest vanished, leaving behind thorny shrubs and an uneven path. konnten to climb up to the Shesha Parbat. It is difficult to describe an impression with words. Finally, it was successful. At five o’clock after dark, a gust of wind was blowing and the sky was clear. The sun set at ten o’clock. Did you ever go to a place you wanted to remain undiscovered? You wanted to preserve it for yourself, away from the rest. It’s a great place to hike and is breathtaking.


The Mountain ranges appeared to be reaching up to touch the sky, even though they were not. Because of the hilltop landscapes, it felt like one kilometer. But it was completed. A long line of mountains represented the spine of the land. Before they could tell lies one after the other, all those who rose to appear to be from the land had belonged to a huge behemoth from the distant past. It is possible that the beast’s soul rested there in its enchanted sleep. Since the clouds must rise to pass the lower, cooler air, the rain must fall upon everyone.


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