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Lauki Ka Raita: Valuable Information

Lauki Ka Raita: Valuable Information

Sautéed grated bottle gourd and seasoned yoghurt combine to form a nutritious side dish called lauki raita. This Punjabi raita can be made in a jiffy thanks to its simple components. With paratha and dal or curry, it’s perfect.

During the summer months, Indians often serve raita as an accompaniment to their meals. The cooling characteristics of both bottle gourds and yoghurt combine to create the ideal dish for a hot summer day.

My mother recently visited and cooked her famous lauki raita for us to enjoy for supper. I wanted to share the recipe for this raita with you since it’s not something you’ll get at restaurants. It’s common raita in Punjabi families, particularly in the north of India.

What exactly is Raita?

Raita is a popular side dish for both lunch and supper in the Indian subcontinent. In addition to yogurt, vegetables, fruits, and/or spices are typically stirred into the mixture. Tzatziki, the Greek variant of yogurt, is sometimes likened to Raita, however, the two are unique and have few comparable preparation methods.

After a rich dinner, raita soothes the palette. It also assists in the digestion of food.

Lauki ka raita has several health advantages :

  • Lauki, or bottle gourd, is considered a nutritious and light-tasting vegetable.

  • It’s chock-full of good stuff.

  • Almost all water.

  • Aids with digestion and is often administered to the ill.

  • Ensure appropriate cooling.

  • Helps you shed pounds.

  • Very high fibre content

During the sweltering summer months in India, this lauki raita is an essential element of every meal. It not only cools the body from the inside, but it is also quite easy to eat.

Tips for making the best Lauki Raita :

This lauki raita may be made healthy by grating some cucumber into it. Cucumber Raita is another dish worth checking out.

This raita may also be flavoured with other flavours, such as a sprinkle of black salt or garam masala.

Slicing green chilies aren’t necessary when offered to young children, but red chili powder may be.

Dough for rotis, parathas, and dals may be made using the strained lauki water that is left over. It contributes to the dish’s increased nutritional value.

What is Lauki Raita, and how do you create it?

Lauki is not a favorite of many children or adults. As a child, I never ate lauki, but today it’s one of my favorite foods. You won’t be able to stop eating this lauki raita, which is both creamy and tasty. the first time you’ve ever heard of lauki.

Rinse and peel the lauki before grating it. Remove any large seeds from the centre of the lauki before grating them.

When using a pressure cooker, cook the lauki for one whistle.

The lauki should be cooked until tender if you’re using a saucepan. Cover the cover to speed up the cooking process.


When you’re on a diet, lauki and yogurt are a great way to keep your hunger at bay and also lauki ka raita for weight loss. In addition to protein and calcium, lauki is a significant source of fibre. They work well together to help you lose weight.

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