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Mutual Fund platform

Mutual Fund platform

Edge360 Camsonline strives to improve accessibility and reach Investment products using investor friendly technologies and tools. Edge360 Camsonline is excited to announce the launch of Edge360 Camsonline. This platform will allow retail investors to participate in mutual funds in their country. Edge360 Camsonline a web-based platform which brings mutual fund distributors together through a single platform. It allows them to service their investors efficiently and effectively.

Edge360 Camsonline mutual fund platform for distributors makes electronic transactions easy using state-of the art technology. The platform makes it much easier to eliminate paperwork, which reduces operational risks associated with paperwork and paper transit. Distributors can offer investors online transacting. Investors enjoy a single view of their mutual funds investment. Distributor could see all transactions that were made through him by customers.

Edge360 Camsonline supports a variety transactions including Subscription, redemption. Switch, SIP/STP/SWP. Payment channels include Cheque / Demand draft, Net Banking (online), RTGS/NEFT and Debit card.

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