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Premium Evening Desert Safari

Premium Evening Desert Safari

An Introduction

Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is rightly called the most luxurious city on the Persian Gulf. It is a city that reflects the light of the shining sky, unusual nightlife and filthy clothes. But the desert of Dubai’s sea is all that remains.


Experience a memorable day and night in the Arabian Desert Safari Dubai. This includes safaris, wildlife viewing in a Land Rover, and spending the night in an Arab tent decorated with natural beauty.


There are plenty of activities to do in the Arabian desert. You can also enjoy a romantic day there. Enjoy the best Dubai desert safari attractions and live life to its fullest


What makes Dubai desert safari memorable?

You will never forget the vastness of the Arabian Desert, the rich experience in the sand dunes and the variety of daily activities that make it a memorable experience. You can choose from photo tours, a new desert safari experience, or a night safari adventure that will leave you with a lasting impression in the cold desert. All are illuminated in blue.

The Dubai night safari is a spectacular display of Arabian music and entertainment, with exquisite food and delicious drinks.


Morning desert safari in Dubai

  • Sunrise


As the Sun rises brightly, the vast Arabian desert is the ideal place to go in the morning. It looks out at the horizon and the Sun shines brightly. You’re back to your golden beauty, and you’re happy with the beauty around you. The most beautiful sight you’ll ever see in the desert is sunrise.

  • Dune bashing


A thrilling experience of the best Dubai desert safari is riding a morning jeep safari in an SUV 4×4. A jeep typically picks you up at camp and takes you on a 30-minute ride.


  • Camel safari

A camel safari takes you on a 45-minute trek through the Dubai desert. You can ride a camel caravan through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and see wildlife. The camel desert safari also offers a chance to take photos with beautiful birds, such as the falcon demonstration.


  • Sand skiing

Dubai’s seamless sand offers the opportunity to ski in the sand, an adventure sport that is unique. Skiing is possible at a few dunes that reach a height of between 200 and 300 meters. As you ski down, feel the sand beneath your skis. This is the desert’s last resort!


  • Quad biking

A four-year-old quad bike is one of the most thrilling things to do during a Dubai desert trip. Quad bikes are perfect for adventure seekers on a Dubai trip.


  • Hot air ballooning

The balloon safari offers a 360-degree view over the vast Arabian desert. Hot air balloons can carry up to 24 passengers at once, creating an adrenaline rush and spectacular views. The surrounding desert wildlife includes camels and deer.

Evening desert safari in Dubai

  • Sunset

Dubai’s sunset is just as stunning as the rising sun. It is amazing to see the orange light dispersed by sun as it fades behind one the mounds. Take the Range Rover to one mound and take in the views. This is a great time to take cheap photos.


  • Evening

The night will be unforgettable with a variety of leisure activities, including can dancing, eating fire, swinging and outdoor belly dancing. Enjoy happy times with friends and family by embracing your luxury tent. Enjoy a night under the stars near the tent and enjoy a Dubai desert safari with BBQ and bonfire.


  • Buffet dinner

Dubai cuisine is well-known for its delicious flavors and textures. Evergreen kebabs, Hummus, and many other delicious Iranian and Lebanese dishes are some of the buffet items served during the Dubai desert trekking. The Arabian spirit is reflected in the belly dance and music at dinner.

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