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Removals to Ireland – What Important Things Should You Know?

Removals to Ireland – What Important Things Should You Know?

Many corporations and emigrants alike contemplate moving to Ireland every year. All Thanks to remarkable low tax rates and the European culture. Moving to Ireland calls for more than just some considerations. In this article, we will discuss some useful information that will give you some insight into what moving to Ireland requires.

Ireland’s astonishingly beautiful countryside is a nature’s gift to its individuals. Remarkable limestone formations dot the Irish landscape, giving it an air of captivating mystery. It owes its several shades of green to the nation’s mild oceanic weather.

Organising a house removal to an additional country can be a tough procedure. Using a skilled international house removal firm will make the adventure of moving to a new nation as smooth and stress-free as possible. So, whenever you need to make removals to Ireland, or wherever you want, hire a specialist. Below, I’m going to share some useful information that will provide you with some insight into what moving to Ireland necessitates.

How Estimate the Price of Moving to Ireland from the UK?

The price of moving house to another nation can be tough to estimate as there are several variables including, for example:

  • A house removal by air is faster but is more exclusive than a ferry crossing and driving.

  • If your final last stop in Ireland is in the west of the country, this will mean extra costs and time in transit.

  • The number of goods you are moving with will disturb the overall price, as will the level of assurance you need.

Planning Your Move to Ireland

With its luxurious green geography, rich culture, and welcoming people, Ireland is a prevalent destination for emigrants. You may have relished holidays in the Emerald Isle but living there forever is bound to be a dissimilar experience.

How to Prepare Your Move to Ireland?

If you don’t already know the nation well, deliberate renting a property for some months to get the impression of a zone. You can see whether you would be pleased to live there before purchasing a house. Individuals in Ireland are generally happy to chat to visitors, particularly in smaller towns and villages, and dropping into the local pub is a great way to treasure out more about life in a community.

Other Points to Consider include:

  • Visas

UK people do not need a passport or visa to enter Ireland for whatsoever reason. They can stay for as long as they like but it is suggested that you carry a passport with you for ID determinations. People will also need to show their passports for safety if they are travelling by air.

  • Healthcare

Ireland is an association of the EU so visitors need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to take emergency treatment. After you have enumerated as a resident, you can access the free community health system or you can elect for private health insurance.

  • Pets

If anyone has any family pets, you are going to want to take them with you when you’re moving to Ireland. Then you know, unfortunately, there are some limitations on transporting pets from the UK. A pet permit allotted by a vet will display that your dog has been vaccinated against rabies and that dogs and cats have been just preserved for tapeworm. Make sure that your pet is microchipped and that all other immunisations are up to date.

  • Accommodation

Short-term rent payments can be exclusive in Ireland, particularly in Dublin. It is worth positioning your housing in plenty of time. A deposit plus a month’s payment in advance is generally required.

  • Driving in Ireland

Your car can be smuggled duty-free as long as it is more than 6 months old. You will need a legal UK driving licence, a UK sticker (except you have an EU plate), and a motor assurance certificate. If you are using your mobile or driving over the lawful limit, and you will be found in that situation, then you should be ready for the severe consequences.


These are some important tips that you should consider for making a move to Ireland. You can find one of the most recognised removal companies to make your removal to Ireland.

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This UK-based specialist international and European removals company has been associated as the author. They have over 30 years of experience in moving families internationally. The firm provides a wide range of services including designated moving services, part load assistance, container removals, baggage service, and many others for removals to Holland, Norway, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Jersey, Germany, Spain, and several other locations.

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