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Singalila – Sandakphu Trek

Singalila – Sandakphu Trek

An Overview

Trekking is one the most thrilling activities anyone can do in their life. While there are many people who enjoy it, some are afraid. This is not a place to go on a long, exhausting trip that takes up your time and can take you away from home for days or even months. You can see some of the most stunning natural landscapes at many hiking spots, including the Sandakhpu trek. It would surprise us if you didn’t know about this trip. The hidden gem doesn’t know everything. Despite this, you may not be familiar with all the details of the trip. This guide is for ambitious people who want to explore the natural beauty and travel the world.


About Sandakphu Trek

This is the Sandakphu Trek, one of the most beautiful and easiest Himalayan treks. It is considered a must-do hike because of its many features and popularity. It begins behind the Singalila Ridge at the southern tip of the long peak. The Kanchendzonga massif was lowered by the elevation. This creates an area between Sikkim, Nepal. New Jalpaiguri is the first place that you must reach in order to make this journey. Manebhanjan will be the actual start of your journey.


The sand dunes are 47km long. This place is a must-see for anyone who loves trekking. While you’re on the way to your destination, there are many great points. You will see K2 (the highest peak in the world) and Everest when you arrive at your destination. This one thing attracts not only tourists, but ordinary people who love mountains. Avoid December trips to Sandandakphu.


What’s so special about Sandakphu Trek

You should first know that the Sandakphu ride to Darjeeling has been voted one of the most difficult rides in West Bengal. It is also known as the “Trekkers Wonderland” because of its incredible length and other features. The journey will begin in Darjeeling and take you to unexplored parts of Sikkim, Nepal. When discussing the details of this trip, it is important to mention that you will be able to see famous landmarks such as Mount Everest and K2.


If one must talk about this trip, it is clear that it is not something to miss. It is best to see the place in person to get more information.



It is located at the top of the Singalila Range. It is located at the border of Nepal and Darjeeling, West Bengal. The peak is 3665m high; it rises to 11,930ft. It is located in Nepal’s Ilam region. This trek is easy and accessible to all levels of traveler.



This Sandakphu Trek itinerary plan can help you to plan your own.


Day 1

To begin your journey, you’ll need to arrive at New Jalpaiguri. You will need to arrive in New Jalpaiguri on your first day. Once you arrive at this location, you will be taken directly to Manebhanjan where you will begin your journey. It takes approximately 4 hours to reach Manebhanjan via New Jalpaiguri.


Day 2

Day 2 will be the start of your actual journey. You will need to travel for 5 hours and cover 11km on this day. You will be taking a 5-hour tour to Tumling which is one of the most stunning singles in the Singalila Range. This peak rises to 9,500ft. The tour begins as soon as your breakfast is over.


Day 3

You will need to travel 9 miles on the third day. This will take you approximately 5 hours. You will eventually reach Singalila National Park or Kalipokhri after you have covered the 9km. This national park offers some of the most beautiful natural areas. You can spend the night there and then start your next day’s journey.


Day 4

Your supervisor will ask that you travel for 4 hours, and then you can travel 8 miles. You will reach the top destinations once you have covered this distance. Here you can see Sandakphu Peak and Mt Khangchendzonga. You will also be able to enjoy a stunning view of the sunset. It might be the most enjoyable day on the trip.


Day 5

It is now time to go home, but don’t be discouraged, there are still many places available. You now need to reach Scrikola. This will take you 7 hours. You can travel 17km in 7 hours. Access to Gurdum is required for the first section, which takes 5 hours. You will then need to spend two hours before you can reach Scrikola.

Day 6

It is now over. Take a drive between Scrikola and New Jalpaiguri. It will take you back to the beginning. You can then follow the correct route to get there.

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