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Soccer GK Questions and Solutions

Soccer GK Questions and Solutions

Let’s take a look at the various questions in the quiz on Football with the answers. The topics are diverse like FIFA World cup players’ records worldwide and other. You may be shocked to learn that Football is one of the most well-known sports that is played by over 250 million people around the world. There are a lot of things to discover in this articlebut don’t forget to stay at the end of the tunnel. You are also invited to submit any additional GK-related questions regarding Football through the comment box in the bottom.

Newest Football Gk Questions 2022

Question What is the date of the FIFA the world cup in 2022?

Answer: FIFA world cup 2022 is scheduled to take place from 21st November through 18th December 2022.


Question Who will host the FIFA the world cup in 2026?

The following is the answer: The United States and Canada


Ques: What is the name of the coming FIFA Football World Cup in 2022 is scheduled to be played in?

Then: Qatar


Questions: Who won the title of Runner-up at the FIFA Football World Cup 2018?

Croatia: Croatia

Question: Which of the following nations was the winner of the FIFA confederations cup 2017?

Germany: Germany

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Question: Who has been awarded the FIFA Player of the Year award in 2019?

Ans: Lionel Messi

Questions: All India Football Federation was awarded The Annual AFC Awards 2016. Who is the president of the organization?

Anas: Praful Patel

Questions: Which well famous football coach from India died on the 10th July, 2016 at the age of

Ans: Amal Datta

Questions: Which country beat the current champions Afghanistan to win the South Asian Football Federation Cup on the 3rd of January, 2016?

Then: India

Questions: As of January 18, 2018, who was the most prolific scorer in India in football?

Ans: Sunil Chhetri

Questions What was the number of teams that participated in the FIFA World Cup organized in Russia between 14 June and 15 July 2018, 2018?

Ans: 32

Questions: Which of the following nations has failed to qualify for second time in the past 60 years to this year’s FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia in the year 2018 ?

Ans: Italy

Questions: 21st FIFA World Cup 2018, which was hosted in which of the following countries?

Then: Russia

Questions: Black Peral is connected to what of the sports listed below?

Then: Soccer

Ques: The “Bandodkar Gold Trophy can be attributed to the sport of?

A: Football

Questions: Federation Cup’ in India is related to what sport?

A: Football

Questions: Name the country which has won three times the Olympic Gold Medal in Football three times?

Ans: Hungary

Questions: Who is the first and only Indian to make a hatrick during an Olympic Football match?

Ans: Neville D’Souza

Questions: For which English Football Team, Baichung Bhutia was a player during his time in England?

The answer is: Bury

Questions: Which team is the second-highest winners from FIFA World Cup titles after Brazil?

Ans: Italy

Questions: Who is the most prolific goal scorer in World Cup with 15 goals?

Ans: Ronaldo

Questions: FIFA has agreed to sign an eight-year collaboration with which company to host the Club World Cup indicating the immense potential for marketing in China?

Then: Alibaba E-Auto

frequently asked questions on Football

Questions: Who won the BallonD’or award in 2014?

Ans: Cristiano Ronaldo

Questions: Which player holds the record for scoring the most goals scored in World Cup Finals?

The Name: MoroslavKlose

Questions: Who was awarded this award? Puskas Award of 2014?

Ans: James Rodrigez

Questions: Who was the highest scorer at World Cup 2014?

Ans: Thomas Muller

Questions: Which team did not keep their World Cup title in the World Cup of 2014?

Then: Spain

Questions: World Cup of 2014 was won by which National Team?

Then: Germany

Questions: What is the status for India in the most recent FIFA ranking?

Ans: 108

Questions: Which state was the host of for the Federation Cup Football Match in August 15?

Answer: Jammu & Kashmir

Questions: Which former Real Madrid and Spain midfielder passed away on September 28, 2015?

Ans: Ignacio Zoco

Questions: European football the governing body UEFA has selected who to be their first female Executive member?

A: Florence Hardouin

Question: Who is the oldest professional footballer on earth?

Ans: Kazuyoshi Miura(Japan)

Questions: Which Indian football player has been honored in the Arjuna award?

Ans: Sunil Chettri, Subrata Paul

Questions: Which famous football legend died aged 84, and played a key role to win the 1956 Melbourne Olympics?

Ans: Anatoly Ilyin

Questions: Who among the following players has scored the most number of goals at the Footbal World Cup?

The Name: Miroslave Klose

Questions: When was the first FIFA World Cup inaugurated?

Ans: 1930

Questions: Which of the following countries hosted the very first Football World Cup?

Then: Uruguay

Questions: When was the first football match in an official international league took place?

Ans: 1872

Questions: Who among the following made it the world’s first World Cup hat-trick?

Ans: Bert Patenaude

Questions: Who among the following has scored the first strike within World Cup history?

Ans: Lucien Laurent

Questions: Which country was the first winning at the Football World Cup?

A: Uruguay

Questions: Which of the following teams does not wear stripes?

Ans: Tottenham Hotspur

Questions: Which of the following terms is recognized as an early version of soccer by FIFA?

Then: Episkyros

Question: Which of the following countries has was the winner of the Football world Cup maximum times?

Ans: Brazil

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Questions: FIFA was created in?

Then: France

Questions: Who was the first Indian Soccer Captain?

Ans: Talimeren Ao

Question: Which one is the oldest football club within India?

Ans: Mohun Bagan A.C

Questions: Which one is the oldest football Competitions within India?

Then: Durand Cup

Questions: Against which country India played its first official game in 1948 London Olympics?

ans France

Questions: Where the headquarter of FIFA its governing body is located?

Ans: Zurich

Questions: What date was Mohun Bagan Club of football was founded?

Ans: 1889

Question: Which of these countries won this year’s Women’s Football World Cup 2015?

Then: America

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