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What exactly is SEO?

According to SE is:

“… The process of increasing the quantity and quality of web traffic and brand visibility through search engine results.

What does this all mean for your company and for you? It is strongly recommended to make use of SEO to increase your online visibility and reach. SEO can assist you in generating leads and boost sales.

SEO is a complex subject that requires a variety of strategies and methods. SEO is described as both organic ideas (website usability and user experience) or paid advertisements (such such as Google Ads). To maximize the effectiveness and reach it is recommended to use both.

On-page SEO


In the field of Search Engine Optimization, “On-page SEO” is now a buzzword. Numerous companies and consultants claim they can achieve it, but only a handful actually can.


On-page SEO is the method of optimizing websites for search engines , in order to be ranked higher on search results and to drive more visitors.


On-page refers to both the content as well as HTML code of the pages which can be improved. This differs to off-page, which is referring only external signals and hyperlinks. Since on-page SEO has the potential to have an impact on the effectiveness of a site in results of a search. A reputable Calgary SEO firm can help you improve the SEO performance of your site.


We suggest changes


We suggest that you enhance the quality of your web pages by conducting search engine optimization, search engine optimization and keyword discovery. Analyzing competition is also highly recommended.

Off-page SEO


Any SEO strategy that is not listed on your site (e.g. Off-page SEO) are classified as Off-page SEO.

  • Strategies to link
  • Guest post
  • Social media marketing as a method of marketing


An effective off-page SEO strategy can increase your search engine visibility and build trust with your customers, and boost your site’s visitors.


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