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What is cloud hosting?

Cloud-based web hosting makes websites and applications accessible through cloud resources. In contrast to traditional hosting, these solutions cannot be hosted on one server. Instead, a cluster of physically and virtual cloud servers hosts the app or website, providing increased flexibility and scalability.

The key features are:

  • Applications and solutions are run via a cloud-based network rather than an on-premises single server.
  • The resources are designed to meet the demands of the user.
  • The organizations only pay for the resources they utilize.
  • Cloud hosting is able to support SQL (including MySQL) or NoSQL databases.
  • Solutions are managed and automated by using APIs and web portals and mobile applications.

Cloud Hosting: Some considerations

  • Security Clients should consider a provider with physical/operational, network and system, and application and data security options.
  • Sensitive data Companies that deal with sensitive data might consider separate data on a hardware level by using dedicated servers or other alternatives..
  • Support Cloud hosting providers typically provide tools, and some provide specialized services to help manage cloud hosting environments.
  • Performance The latency of the Internet can be an issue. Companies should make sure they have solid, reliable Internet connections.

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