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Why Sorting Toys are Essential for All Ages of Children?

Why Sorting Toys are Essential for All Ages of Children?

Whether you’re shopping for a toddler or older child, sorting toys is a perfect blend of fun and intellectual stimulation. Given that counting and recognising shapes and blocks are essential for learning, there is no reason not to start teaching your children about these fundamentals right from the beginning.

From basic puzzles to more advanced ones, you can find various kinds of baby sorting toys in the market that suits your kid’s development stage. They can help develop fine motor skills and enrich focus on problem-solving. Parents love that a child can use such toys for hours of fun and progress in competencies too.

Importance of Sorting as a Skill

Well, children are naturally attracted to sorting objects and this is where they begin with matching. This skill can be applied to both mathematical concepts and everyday life. When a child develops strong sorting skills, he/she will find it easier to understand patterns, identify sets, classify items by single or multiple attributes, and recognise relationships between sets.

From separating laundry to organising dishes in the cupboards, sorting skills are used every day. Once a child starts to explore the environment, they begin to compare objects and see how things are alike while other things are quite different. Therefore, it is good to encourage children for sorting and stacking to enhance their concentration and problem-solving abilities.

How Your Child Benefits from Sorting Toys?

  • Develops Fine Motor Skills

Motor skills are referred to as movement coordination, essential for young children to develop and master skills for daily activities. Picking up various shapes, blocks, and puzzles, turning them over, and fitting them to corresponding holes can help promote these skills.

  • Visual and Spatial Perception

Stacking toys helps in profundity perception and enhances hand-eye coordination. For younger children, Bigjigs Toys Shape Sorting Board is a great option to improve colour and shape recognition and encourage fine-motor development and dexterity.

  • Improve Problem-Solving Skills

All toddlers and kids get excited when they are faced with obstacles and challenges. This skill plays a crucial role in a child’s independence, confidence, and overall growth. Remote control toys encourage children to think logically and find ways to solve puzzles. Toys like New Classic Toys Shape Sorter Puzzle promotes eye-hand coordination and teaches children to count and practice stacking colours.

  • Familiarise children with Shapes and Colours

Shape sorting toys can help toddlers and children learn about shapes, their differences, and other properties. It allows your child to learn a distinction between circle, square, triangle, and rectangle. Most of these toys come in vibrant colours, making them an excellent choice for introducing different colours and their names.

Moreover, you can use these toys to teach your child basic mathematical skills like a number of sides, angles, shapes, patterns, sizes, and the ability to count.


Children always think out-of-the-box, so there are certainly many ways to play with sorting and stacking toys. They can play different games with different pieces of set and imagine being in a fantasy world around the structures they have built. These activities can help in fostering children’s creativity and cognitive skills.

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